At TransHomation, we believe that mutual coordination is very crucial for a better outcome. If you choose to get our consultation services, we will walk though your home, room by room, giving you a consultation report of tips and points on how to ‘transhome’ that space be it furniture and accessories related or some small repair suggestions like paint work and lighting. By the end of this session, you can expect to have a full list of dos and don’ts to get your home ready for a prospective buyer.


Houses contain bricks, but homes contain emotions. We believe spaces contain an aura, an aura that only you could decipher. This aura is integral to your home and comes from everything it consists of, be it that table, that chair or that painting on the wall. When even a single one of these is out of place, we feel a bit disconnected right? In our showcasing services, to get your home ready for the market, we use your existing furniture and add some of our special touches to declutter and depersonalize your spaces while trying to preserve your aura.

Vacant house staging

For us, a vacant house is a like blank canvas. At TransHomation, we aim to fill in these vacant spaces with fresh vibrant colours and intricate designs so as to give life to what are but merely bricks and stones. By doing this, we not only increase the value of the vacant houses, but also make it connect with the prospective buyer on a much deeper level.

Detached/Semi-Detached/ Townhouse/Condominium Full Staging

In our full staging service, we ourselves, declutter and depersonalize your home. We take the load off your shoulders and do everything we suggested during the consultation walk around. Keeping the current trends in mind and from a home buyer prospective, we select (rent/buy) the right furnishing, the right artwork, the right lighting almost everything that could help appease your home to the prospective buyer. We stand by our vision of delivering the perfect home and for that, we aesthetically design your space that not only pleases the eyes, but at the same time soothes the soul.